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Are You a Reactor, Worker, Dreamer or Leader?

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Are you strategic in how you handle your business or life?  Are you spending your time on the right things?  Or you are more tactical in that you spend more time doing and getting your work done?

Why does this matter?  As a business owner, we have goals that we want to accomplish. To achieve these goals, we have to take the next steps and continue to do the next steps until we have met our goal. It doesn’t sound that hard, right? But, it is hard. We can tend to become more strategic and over analyze, and sometimes we become more tactical and just work hard, but maybe not smart. I started to think that this might make sense in a matrix, which resulted in 4 different types of people.

This person is low on any kind of strategic planning and not very tactical. They tend to do what is told of them, and they aren’t motivated.  A business owner low on strategy does not have a plan or goals that are regularly reviewed and measured. If they are also low on tactics, then they will tend to react all day to emails, phone calls, and fires. They will be spending most or all of their time working other people’s agenda. How much fun is that?

The Worker

This person is low on strategy but very tactical. They are hardworking and can be quite productive especially as an employee with strong leadership. The problem is that they really don’t know what things to work on if they don’t know the strategy and long term vision. They may have some short term success, but in the long run, they will struggle to advance as an employee or survive as a business owner.

The Dreamer

I picked blue for this person on the above chart because their head is always in the clouds. They are very strategic and continually think of new ideas. The problem is that they over analyze and talk and struggle to take action. They want to consider all the possibilities and can talk themselves out of anything. As a business owner, they are very entrepreneurial and can be quite visionary, but you would never know because their ideas will not become a reality without someone to help them.

The Growth Leader

This person is strategic and also tactical. Therefore, not only are they working on the right things, but they do the right things well. I found another chart by Sales Benchmark Index that shows that when we focus on the right strategy, which the tactics that correspond to this strategy, we thrive.  We have to come with key goals for our business, and then work the next logical steps until we have met our goal.  There might be times when we aren’t sure we have the right strategy, and we have to make adjustments. The key is that we start doing the actions steps, and many times the path becomes more clear.

Now obviously, most of us desire to be a growth leader in our work and life. How do we make sure we truly don’t fall into these other less fulfilling categories? The first step is to decide on 2-3 key goals for the quarter that we desire to work on. Michael Hyatt in his book Your Best Year Ever, says these goals should follow the SMARTER framework. They should be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-Keyed, Exciting, and Relevant. After this, we must understand the key motivations for why we want to meet this goal. Finally, we have to outline our next steps. Now that doesn’t mean we need to know every step, but we have to get started.

Now let’s all stay strategic and tactical in our life and business so we can truly make the impact we desire.

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