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2017 is Coming! Are you Ready?

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5 Reasons To Check Your Business Health

How is the health of your business or non-profit? Have you met your 2016 goals and ready to go to the next level? As 2016 comes to an end and you prepare for 2017, what if you could assess your company or firm and get a score?

“The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem.” I know this quote is used for people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, but it is applicable in many areas of life. If we don’t know we have a problem or anything to fix, then how can we possibly fix it? How can you fix an unknown?

1. Prioritize Your Goals

It is the time of year that we start assessing our goals for 2016 and look to the goals for the next year. One of the best ways to prioritize your goals is to assess where you are today. What were the struggles you experienced over the last year? Was is cash flow? Was it Revenue? Maybe it was employee turnover. Or maybe your business is growing so fast that you are disorganized and feel like employees lack direction and focus.

2. A Benchmark for Success

One of the benefits of taking an assessment is to have a starting place to measure your success. The goal is to find ways to improve and then take the assessment a year later and find how much you have improved. We assess our health, our physical exercise, and our education, so why not do that with your business?

3. Know Best Where You Need Help

Let’s face it. We can’t do it all on our own. As business owners, we have to outsource, pay consultants, and hire employees to help us reach our goals. It is very difficult to be good at everything. An assessment will quickly show you areas in which you need more guidance to be the most successful. Then, you can focus on what you are best at.

4. Save Time and Money

Have you ever spent time trying to figure out accounting or a computer problem and realize it took you all day?  I have a friend who told me he recently spent 5 hours on the phone with Quickbooks and still didn’t fix the problem. I told him that he should call me since I have been working with Quickbooks for over a decade. Focus on your high revenue activities, and use others to help you.

5. Motivation and Focus

Let a score motivate you. We want to improve and not stay where we are. I remember getting some low scores in school and it always made me study harder, ask more questions, and figure out ways to improve my grade. The same is true with an assessment in your business.

The good news is that we have created an assessment for you. If you were to work with a consultant for an hour determining weaknesses in your organization, it would probably cost $150 to $300 depending on the level of expertise and the time needed. The below assessment is only $9.99 and will provide a great starting place for you to improve your business and help you plan to make 2017 the best year your business has ever head.


How much is your business worth to get a check-up? Prioritize your goals, set a benchmark, get the help you need, save time and money, and stay motivated and focused.  If you do these things, your 2017 can’t help to be your best yet.

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