Forecast Your Future Launch Team


10 Reasons Why You Should Join the Forecast Your Future Launch Team

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” —Walt Disney, creator of Disneyland

1. Be part of a community (Closed Facebook Group) that can help you meet your goals. 

2. Free copy of a forecasting template with instructions. This is the template structure I use for my clients. 

3. Discount on receiving a package which will include an audiobook, ebook, and hard copy. 

4. Invitation to a launch party so you can network and connect with others.  

5. A chance to win free prizes at the launch party and during launch week.

6. Multiple conference calls so I can better serve you. 

7. A chance to win a “Full Focus Planner” by Michael Hyatt. Only for this group. ($40 value)  This journal helps me every day accomplish my goals. 

8. A chance to win a “Freedom Journal” by John Lee Dumas. Only for this group. ($39 value)  This is the journal I used to launch my business and get my first clients. I still will journal component of this today. 

9. A chance to win 2 hours of consulting building your own forecast. ($300 value)

10. Be part of the inaugural group to go through my “Forecast Your Future Course”. This course will be valued at $197. You will receive at least a 50% discount. Also, you have a chance to get this course for free.

I am still coming up with other benefits for being part of this team. All I ask of you is to help me promote the book by buying it, reviewing it, and sharing the news with others. The official launch will be in September, and your help would be much appreciated.

If you are interested please click below:

Shane Bender

My experience as an Auditor, Controller, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, and VP of Finance in small, medium, and large businesses over the last 15+ years has given me a unique level of knowledge between accounting and finance. My focus is helping small-to-medium-sized organizations grow by providing them with key information, creating scalable processes, and implementing solutions that will help them grow to the next level.​