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5 Ideas to Hit Your Goals

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How to Avoid Goal Self Sabotage?

Have you wanted to accomplish a key goal but something, someone, or yourself sabotages your goal?  Do you let the opinions of others affect the accomplishment of your dreams?

In starting a new year, it is the time to focus on goals and making this year different than before. I just returned from Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever conference where he launched his new book by the same name.  I am not going to attempt to fully summarize the book or conference but there are some key takeaways that seem to be recurring for me each year. Maybe this will be helpful for you.

1. Stay Focused 

John Lee Dumas in this podcast, “Entrepreneur on Fire“, consistently says that FOCUS stands for Follow One Course Until Success.  We have to stay focused and not let other people, ideas, or methods for doing something sabotage us.  For example, have you started on a project and then had someone tell you a new software, idea, and strategy to accomplish the project. Then you nearly scrap everything and start the new method. I had this happen twice with a goal to create an online course for small businesses.

My thought is if you have a dream goal and you desire to accomplish it, you have to stay on the path until success. I am not saying that we won’t learn as we go but we have to very careful that we stay moving in the direction to meet the goal.

“Do not think or do anything without having some aim in sight; the person who journeys aimlessly will have labored in vain”. – St. Mark The Ascetic

2. Mental Abundance

It is easy as we get older to get more cynical and have a hard time believing we can accomplish our dreams. I know that I have had others tell me that I am just a certain way and eventually I tell myself that this is just the way I am.  It is easier to be cynical that there won’t be enough money or something bad will happen (Murphy’s Law).

The much more exciting and enjoyable way to live is to think abundantly.  Michael Hyatt in “Best Year Ever” says abundance thinkers express gratitude, are happy to share, desire to learn more, are more optimistic, and think bigger.

3. Repetition and Review

A couple years ago when I started my business, I purchased “The Freedom Journal” which was a 100-day plan to hit my number 1 goal. I remember writing my goal each day for 100 days. I certainly didn’t forget it.  In Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner, he recommends reading your goals daily to remember the key motivations for accomplishing the goals.  The motivations are important in solidifying the goal in your mind so that a fleeting moment, distraction, or bad advice does not sabotage your goal.

4. Ask Why and then Ask Why Again and Again

Why do you want to accomplish the key goal? For example, I have a goal this quarter to read quality personal development books for 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days week. Why do I want to do this?  I want to continue developing myself so I am more productive, efficient, and can provide more value to my clients?  Why do I want to do this?  If I add more value to my clients, they will be more successful and so will I.  Why do I want to do this?  If both my clients and I are more successful, I can influence more people and our businesses grow.

I could keep doing this and ultimately for me, the cause would be a desire to serve more people in less time with the gifts God has given me.

What is your key goal and why does it matter? What does it make possible and how does this goal accomplishment lead to other important possibilities?

5. People Can Help or Hurt

In Michael Port’s book “Steal the Show“, he says “I coach and advise many aspiring speakers, CEOs, authors, and others, and they find it helpful to realize that they ultimately have to choose between results and approval”.  We can’t really worry about the approval of others because there will always be someone with limiting beliefs that can bring you down. Maybe they don’t want you to get hurt and they think they are helping. Maybe they tried and failed and can’t see how you can do it when they could not. It is important to find the right people to surround yourself to accomplish your goals.

I remember when starting my business a couple years ago, I strongly believe that God put the right people around me at the right time. I remember being surprised at the encouragement I experienced and this is a major reason that the business succeeded.  So be sure to listen to the best podcasts, read encouraging books, and connect with the people you need for success.

You will hear of New Year’s Resolutions getting busted. Something will happen to throw you off course and you will want to resort back to what is comfortable. Instead of going back, let’s all stay focused, think abundantly, review our goals, ask why, and put the right people around us for success.