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How to Conquer Goal Fatigue and Stay Committed Before You Give Up

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By: Shane Bender

I recently went to a goal setting conference but came home with goal fatigue. To some extent, the excitement of setting intentional goals actually started losing its luster, even though I know that being intentional is essential for success. I write about this in my book, Forecast Your Future. What was the cause of this? Was it because I struggle to believe the “why” behind my goals? Was it because some of my goals keep getting extended? I think that this is a common problem with many people because so many people don’t set goals and if they do, they forget about them after a while.

Living life with intention is much like climbing a mountain – you need to show up, you need to fight for results, and you need to keep pressing forward. Success will always demand this of you. – Adam Kirk Smith, author of The Bravest You.

5 Ways to Stay Intentional

1. Visualization

Look into the future of your business and your life and what do you want it to look like 1 year or 5 years from now. Now I know we can’t know everything in the future, but it sure helps to visualize the way you would like it to be. For years, I was scared to do this because I didn’t want to be disappointed. The funny thing is that when I have visualized and spoke affirming statements about the future, I found that I started to believe in the future. Eventually, some of this future became a reality. Now, I am not saying everything I think becomes a reality. As a Christian, I believe that prayer and better understanding God’s will for your life is essential to helping visualize what God’s want you to be.

2. Celebrate Goal Accomplishment

How often do you celebrate an accomplishment? Certain personalities have a hard time doing this. Most likely, if you set goals and accomplish them, then you are the type not to take the time to celebrate them. Sometimes, I actually think if I celebrated a goal, then I might be jinxing it and something bad will happen now. Of course, indeed that is silly and superstitious. If you struggle like me to come up with a good reward, then ask someone close. I know I am going to do that.

3. Consider the Alternative

Sometimes when life or business gets hard, we think of giving up. Maybe we think we don’t care anymore. It helps to think of life if you didn’t start that business or if you kept doing the same thing 10 years from now.  Most of us want our business to grow and to have more peace, less stress, more enjoyment and be directly in the middle on where God wants us to be. If we are pursuing our mission, then the alternative is not the answer.

4. Mentorship & Accountability

How can we possibly get through without mentorship and accountability?  I am not one to desire to ask for help and be vulnerable. As a financial guy, I really struggle with paying for it. But, I do know that there is tremendous value in it. I would not have finished my book without the excellent people and mentorship in Author Academy Elite.  I also have close friends I meet and regularly call that help me stay on track. They pray for me and they provide other resources when needed.

5. Measure the Progress

There is a tendency for us to focus on what we haven’t accomplished. I did not meet every goal I wrote down last year, but I did accomplish 4 out of 8 of them. Also, the final four are in a good position to getting achieved this year. Michael Hyatt has an interesting Life Score Assessment. I took it one year ago and scored higher in almost every area this year. I am not where I want to be but have improved. As a small business part-time CFO, I find tremendous value in setting financial benchmarks for the year and comparing.  If you start seeing progress, it can be encouraging. If not, then you can ask questions and adjust where needed.

So join me in staying intentional about your life, business, and goals. Don’t give up and remember that we all are in this together.


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