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5 Reasons Productivity is One of Your Most Valuable Assets

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Have a Constant Effort to Pursue Productivity

Are you starting to feel burnt out?  Do you feel like you have too much work?  Are you way behind on answering emails?  Are finances the last thing you get to in your business?

As an entrepreneur that started my business back in January 2016, I can relate to the experience of the above questions. It is important to realize that being a business owner is a long-term investment. You need strategic freedom to be successful. I decided to purchase a course from Michael Hyatt called “Free to Focus“.

In the 21st century, it is more important than ever to be mindful of your productivity for the following reasons.

1. Time is Invaluable

We all have the same amount time in the day no matter if you are a millionaire or homeless. We can’t buy more time. As we get older, time seems to move faster. The better we use the time we have, the more valuable we become.

2. Freedom to Enjoy Life

We all desire to do more than just work. We have dreams, places to see, family to spend time with, and even causes and ministries. As we are more productive and intentional with the time we allocate to different areas of our life, we have more freedom to enjoy all the time we have.

3. Keeps Life Interesting

When we are more productive, we stop doing the boring and routine tasks.  We learn to delegate, automate, or simply stop doing the tasks that do not interest us. When we do that, we start to focus on areas that we are more excited about.

4. Strategic and Proactive

Productivity is not just doing more in a faster amount of time. In the Michael Hyatt Free to Focus course, he talks about the idea of doing the same work faster comes from the Industrial Age. We don’t live in that time anymore. We have to figure out have to be creative, efficient, and more valuable to our customers in less time. In order to do this well, it all starts with a proactive and strategic mindset.

5. Focus

We are so very distracted with email, texts, social media, fake news, and a computer in our pocket. I find focusing harder than ever. If we could just focus in four 30-minute sessions a day, we would accomplish so much more. It is hard to do. Try not answering the phone, answering email or being distracted for 30 minutes, then take a 15-minute break and do it again. It takes some practice.

I write this because I desire to increase my productivity and have to be mindful of what activities are getting out of hand. All work and life activities have a tendency to deteriorate without the intentional focus to take control. What is at stake?  Time, Money, Freedom, Excitement, Control and Focus?