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Gain clarity by staying on top of key financial issues that can impact your your SMB.


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Are You Losing Your Margins? Part 2

We recently discussed general and industry-specific inflation. As the economy picks up, it will be...

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Don’t Believe these 10 Financial Myths

Have you heard the following myths regarding accounting and finances?

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Top Reports that Marketing Agencies Should Review Regularly

I have spent nearly 15 years working with Marketing Agencies in various financial roles. I have...

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What If Businesses Acted Like a Teenager

Anyone who has raised a teenager knows they can sometimes be challenging. If you have not raised...

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5 Ways a Fractional CFO Can Help a Marketing Agency



Do you ever wonder how profitable your clients are?

Are you confused with your cash flow?...

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5 Lessons from a Turnaround Specialist

Not long ago, before the quarantine, I met an interesting Uber driver in Nashville. We had a long...

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10 Reasons Why Business Succeed – Part 3

If seven out of ten businesses will not last ten years, what makes businesses succeed? With...

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