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Gain clarity by staying on top of key financial issues that can impact your your SMB.


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The Impending Cash Crunch

Over the last two years, the government has thrown money at small businesses with the Paycheck...

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CFO Hacks: How CFOs are Integral to Helping Small Business be Successful

Since I started my CFO Services Firm, it seems like small businesses have had to endure challenges...

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Improving Your Business's Cash Flow

I was recently interviewed on Springboard Your Biz TV. See the replay of the interview below. Watch...

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Are You Losing Your Margins? Part 1

As the economy is starting to recover from the pandemic, many businesses are facing the following...

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Managing Cash Balances

When I was a teenager, we had a dry erase board in our kitchen where we would write funny quotes....

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Have You Heard of the ERTC?

What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and how can it benefit my business?

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A Simple Method to Reduce Financial Stress and Increase Cash Flow

Do you struggle to know and understand your cash flow? Do you desire more clarity to help you make...

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A CFO's Perspective of the COVID-19 Relief Bill

As you probably know, Congress passed, and President Trump signed a new $900 billion COVID-19...

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Keep the Cash Coming: The 3 Requirements in Billing & Collections

Back in 2005, I took a position as a Controller for a small online marketing agency. We had some...

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