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Gain clarity by staying on top of key financial issues that can impact your your SMB.


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Determine Your Destination

How These Predictions Will Affect Businesses

The Last Decade

Before discussing predictions for the next ten years, think back over the last ten...

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One Way to Meet Your Goals Next Year

If I could boil down into one word what best helps us meet our goals, it would be FOCUS. The...

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Top 10 Things to Do at Year-End – Part 2

We are going through the top 10 things that any small business should do at year-end so you can end...

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How a Frozen 2 Song Inspired Great Business Advice

Recently my family went to see Frozen 2. There was a part in the movie where Anna and Olaf were...

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The Best Way to Increase Clarity over the next 12 Months

The holidays are here. We are spending time with family, eating turkey, buying presents, and just...

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Are You a Reactor, Worker, Dreamer or Leader?

Are you strategic in how you handle your business or life?  Are you spending your time on the right...

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