• Managing Cash Balances
    When I was a teenager, we had a dry erase board in our kitchen where we would write funny quotes. One time my brother simply wrote “Money goes away.” He had noticed that even when you seem to have a lot of money, it can disappear without much thought. You are left wondering what happened.
  • How These Predictions Will Affect Businesses
    The Last Decade Before discussing predictions for the next ten years, think back over the last ten years. What has changed in business? How has it affected how you work and stay competitive?
  • Maintenance is Better than Clean-up
     Steps to Financial Success We have a house down the street with a sign that says “Coming Soon”. The sign has been there for months. The yard is a disaster and keeps getting worse. What if they didn’t mow the yard all summer? You couldn’t use just any lawn mower to handle it. You would need special equipment. The neighbors have already complained about snakes and other critters, so it could be dangerous. I am sure after mowing, everything would look dead. What if you never maintained your financials? What would happen? Not only would you not know how you are doing as a business, it would be quite challenging and expensive to clean up.
  • The Mechanics of a Good Business Forecasting Model You have probably heard the expression “Flying Blind” and maybe you have seen it used in the broad context of doing something by guesswork with no instructions. After some research, it turns out this phrase dates back to World War II when the visibility for pilots was so bad they couldn’t see the horizon and therefore had to rely on instrumentation to guide them through. I am not a pilot, but I can imagine that flying an airplane in a storm would be very challenging. But what if you were “flying blind” without instruments? Well, that would be considered suicidal.