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Gain clarity by staying on top of key financial issues that can impact on your SMB.


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Forecasting & Modeling (3)

“Necessary to support ongoing operations”

There has been additional scrutiny over people that have taken the Paycheck Protection Program...

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5 Lessons from a Turnaround Specialist

Not long ago, before the quarantine, I met an interesting Uber driver in Nashville. We had a long...

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CARES Act and Cash Flow

So many businesses are in a potential cash crunch. If they aren’t in one now, they can see one...

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Do You Have a Good Cash Receipts Process?

Your business seems to always be in a cash crunch. You are servicing your clients well and have a...

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10 Reasons Why Business Succeed – Part 3

If seven out of ten businesses will not last ten years, what makes businesses succeed? With...

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10 Reasons Why Businesses Succeed – Part 1

Recently on an episode of Shark Tank, four different start-ups were looking for investors and cash....

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3 Ideas to Make Your Business More Prepared for a Recession

It never hurts to be prepared for a potential downturn in the economy. Based on our History of U.S....

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How These Predictions Will Affect Businesses

The Last Decade

Before discussing predictions for the next ten years, think back over the last ten...

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One Way to Meet Your Goals Next Year

If I could boil down into one word what best helps us meet our goals, it would be FOCUS. The...

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