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Forecasting Model: A Solution to Flying Blind

You have probably heard the expression “Flying Blind” and maybe you have seen it used in the broad...

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Get Your Bookkeeping Current ASAP to Increase Profits

Do you wonder how your business is doing this year, but you are behind in your bookkeeping?

Are you...

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Top Reports that Marketing Agencies Should Review Regularly

I have spent nearly 15 years working with Marketing Agencies in various financial roles. I have...

Read More is the Accounting App That Saves the Most Time

Bill payments can be overwhelming with all their steps and processes. As a CFO, I am always looking...

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5 Reasons to be Grateful from a CFO’s Perspective

The headlines from the news media are quite depressing. Here are some from the time of this article...

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Do You Know if Your Price is Right?

Price increases are usually subtle over time, mainly due to inflation.  If you are not annually...

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Who Will Be the Recession Winners?

Have you wondered who will be the winners and losers during this current recession? Okay, maybe it...

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“Necessary to support ongoing operations”

There has been additional scrutiny over people that have taken the Paycheck Protection Program...

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5 Lessons from a Turnaround Specialist

Not long ago, before the quarantine, I met an interesting Uber driver in Nashville. We had a long...

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