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“Necessary to support ongoing operations”

There has been additional scrutiny over people that have taken the Paycheck Protection Program...

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How to Stop Giving Up on Yourself

5 Reasons People Give Up and How to StopI remember when I was in high school, my dad told me of a...

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Have You Written a Financial Love Letter?

3 Reasons Everyone Should have a Financial Love Letter

What is a financial love letter? In short,...

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Focus is Freedom

Myths in Business – Part 3

Last January when I started my business, I came across a book called the

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5 Ways To Increase Empathy

Seek to Understand before Being Understood

In today’s political and social environment, there...

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What Are Your Risks? Too Many Balls in the Air

5 Ways To Decrease The Risks of Dropping Things

Do you have so many things going on that it seems...

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What Are Your Risks? Weapons of Mass Distraction

5 Ways to Decrease Distraction in Life and Business

We are in the midst of an epidemic. The disease...

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