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Gain clarity by staying on top of key financial issues that can impact your your SMB.


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Value Added is the Accounting App That Saves the Most Time

Bill payments can be overwhelming with all their steps and processes. As a CFO, I am always looking...

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Top 5 Places to Save Money in Your Business

There are many ways to become a more profitable business. Revenue growth is essential and updating...

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9 Ways to V-Curve Your Business (Part 3)

Over the last few articles, we have been going through nine ways to V-curve your business. How can...

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Time Value and Money

3 Reasons Your Decisions Should Include Time Value

This last week we had a small tornado come...

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5 Ways to Generate New Ideas

How to Not Run Out of Good Ideas

I didn’t order my son’s gift early enough. All he wanted for his...

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Humility vs. Humiliation

5 Ways Humility Helps Business

I write this not as one who has this all figured out but as one who...

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Focus is Freedom

Myths in Business – Part 3

Last January when I started my business, I came across a book called the

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