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Taking a Break

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Labor Day is an interesting holiday. For most people, it means the end of summer. The one last get-away before the fall rush.

Have any of you taken the time to see why this holiday was created? The Department of Labor says that Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers who have provided strength and prosperity for our country.

On Labor Day we take a break from our work, so I want to reflect on why taking a break is valuable. Since I started my business providing CFO services, I have worked 6 days a week for 8 months. This is probably too long to go without more rejuvenation, but I really enjoy what I do. Regardless, we should all take a break from the monotony and do something different. Below are 5 reasons to take some time away from work.

1. Keep from Burning Out

No matter how much passion we have for a business or project, burnout can creep up on us. It will make us more exhausted, decrease motivation, and decrease productivity and creativity. By taking a week off of work, the level of productivity and creativity when returning will outweigh the lost time. Check out the Forbes article on 10 Signs You’re Burning Out.

2. Fresh Perspective

Studies show that taking a vacation reduces stress, increases confidence, improves creativity, and possibly even makes you smarter. Check out 10 Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation. When we get out of our normal routine, we begin to see things from a different perspective. We stop just going through the motions and have to concentrate on being somewhere else, seeing new people, and experiencing a different schedule. Many times I have found that getting away helps me appreciate the house, bed, and shower that I have at home.

3. Processes and Delegation

Do you take a vacation and find that much of the time is spent on email and taking phone calls? In today’s connected environment, we are always available as long as there is cell phone access, and that seems to be just about everywhere. It is good for everyone to cross train and delegate to others in case something happens. We should strive to set up processes that can be performed by other people. In order for any business to grow, automated and systematic processes, as well as delegation, are necessary.

4. Celebration of Goals

I have just finished my second 100-day goal, and I am happy to say that I accomplished a big goal for my business. I purposely planned a break/vacation at the end of the 100 days in order to (hopefully) celebrate. It is important to set goals and then celebrate them.

5. Family & Friends

I remember many of the vacations I took as a kid. I want my four kids to remember times away as a family. It is important to establish these memories. We also take the time to get away to see family and friends in other states whom we haven’t seen in a while. In the end, family and close friends will mean much more to us than our work.

So on this Labor Day, take a break. If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, set a goal and schedule some time away to rejuvenate. Not only will you keep from burning out, but it will give you a fresh perspective. Set up processes so you can get a way without much or any access to email or business. Take the time to celebrate hitting a goal. Finally, take the time to be with your family, and maybe even visit family and friends you haven’t seen in a while.